McMullen County Historical Commission

Located in Tilden, Texas, is Boot Hill Cemetery, one of the only two authentic cemeteries of its kind in the southwest. It was so named because many of those who were interred there died violently ("with their boots on"). Many of the early graves were those of people who were killed in accidents, murdered, or who died of cholera during an epidemic in 1869, although some were known to have died of natural causes. The cemetery was established sometime after  Frio Rio ( later named Tilden) came into existence in 1858. It is currently located behind the bank half a block north of the courthouse on Higway 72 and half a block east of State Highway 16, across from the new sheriff's office.


The Historical Marker Program went untouched for several years. We are in the process of cleaning all of the Historical Markers in the County to restore them to their original state.
We are also looking for new ideas for additional markers. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us.


Our current Museum building is over
100 years old.
It was originally the
"Old Rock Store"
which you will read about
in our history book.
It is undergoing some major
renovations to ensure
it's stability and to
maintain it's long standing History
as one of the original buildings in
McMullen County.




This is our current history book which is availble for purchase for $70.00.
We are in the process of securing more family stories to publish a second addition.
Please find the attached information sheet which can be filled out and returned to the Historical Commission for a future publication.
"Who Will Tell Your Family Story"?
Information Sheet